The Circus arrives without warning…

Night Circus Cover So I realized if I only post about the books once I’ve finished them, it will make this blog super boring..and I am not a fan of boring people intentionally.  This challenge comes out to 1 book per week, and now that my favorite shows are coming back, I’m realizing the need to be very diligent to stay on track-I’m already 3 books behind!  I’ve created a page with category and book assigned, and will add another post about books that have yet to find their place on the list.  I find that I’m excited about books again.  I see a book or think of a topic and wonder how can it fit into my list.   And as part of my original intent, I’m practicing the fine art form of written communication.  I almost wrote a letter this weekend…like a for real letter..on stationery. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2015 and the challenge is on!  Now that I’ve realized there are 52 books on the list, which is a book a week, I’m getting a bit nervous.  Some of these are hard!  I’ve been googling books with antonyms and I’m seeing a lot of weird magical love stories that seem to fit better under the “scare me” book option. Plus, I’m going to need 3 months to get through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  I’m working on breaking down the list into 4 parts to help organize my thoughts and I’m still trying to successfully navigate WordPress.  I’ve been spoiled by the 140 character limit on Twitter.

This project has also reminded me of the fabulous web-series ClassicAlice that I highly recommend.  It is a YouTube series about a college student who wants to live life according to classic books.  It’s the first web-series that I’ve enjoyed since the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, and it deserves a shout-out for being amazing.  It has a wonderful cast and the characters have an interesting take on the various books they cover.  So far I think my favorite storyline were the episodes covering The Scottish Play.  Definitely worth the 6-8 minutes a week it takes to watch them. I think I’ve included a link to ClassicAlice (still learning) so check it out when you have a moment.

Personally, I won’t be modeling my life after any of the books I’m reading-unless I run off and join the circus.

2015 Reading Challenge Accepted

So, like I said, I found this really cool reading challenge on Tumblr (yes, I’m still on Tumblr #Olicity)  I traced it back to the original PopSugar post and I’m pretty excited.  There are 50 items on the list (52 if you consider there’s a trilogy) and I find it’s a good level of challenge.  Some of the items I immediately knew what I wanted to tackle (I’m coming for your Lord of the Rings) while others will require a bit of research (antonyms??).   Some books will fit multiple slots so I will have to use them wisely.  Por ejemlpo, as some point Pride and Prejudice will be read, but where will it go?  A classic romance? A book over 100 years?  I confess, I already started reading 1 book (hint, it’s The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern-more to come) but only because I have 2 weeks off for Christmas and I can’t just watch Netflix.  I mean, I could, but I really shouldn’t.

I have a blog??

Despite my best efforts, I generally lose a lot of things.  I have a special hook for my keys, but 8 times out of 11, they will be found on the couch under a cat.  I have a special order and place for my credit cards in my wallet, but I still lose my check card for 3 weeks only to find it in the pocket of a coat I don’t wear.  And don’t get me started on my phone (why is it in the pantry??)

So, imagine my delight when I remembered I had a blog.  Say what?!  All the random conversations I’ve had with my cats and myself could have been posted and recorded for all to see? (And by “all” I mean the 3 people who will stumbled upon it randomly cause I will probably never tell anyone about it)  Joyous Day!  Although, do people still blog? Am I late to the party? (also, lateness-another terrible habit like losing things)  I could post about cupcakes and cookies, but I can never take those gorgeous shots of fluffy frosting or gooey chocolate chips that make you want to lick the screen.  I could talk about my love of all things Olicity, but we just met, so I have to hide the crazy for a least a little bit.

So, now that I have dusted off my blog, cleared out the cobwebs and gotten rid of that strange odor, what will I do with it?  Thank you for asking, Dee Dee.  The other day, I found the coolest 2015 Reading Challenge on Tumblr (yes, I’m on Tumblr) and immediately started planning.  Once I figure out how to post it, I’ll upload a pic of the reading challenge along with the different books that I’m planning to read.  I was mainly looking for a way to track and research the different books, and then figured why not write a review of each book.  Sometimes I think back to high school or college when I could write a coherent review of literature and miss those days.  Especially now when the best I can do is “Book, good. Friend, read.”  With that winning endorsement, the reviews will be brief but maybe this will be a great way to keep me motivated and inspired.  I’ve already recruited 2 of my coworkers to the book challenge, so if you’ve stumble here from some random part of the internet, feel to join in.  Or recommend a book..some of these are hard!

Happy Reading!